I am Mateo, an Economics Ph.D. student at Johns Hopkins University. My main research interests are in Household Finance and Behavioral Macroeconomics.

This Fall, I will join the Macroeconomic and Quantitative Studies Section of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve.

I have been an NBER Dissertation Fellow in Behavioral Macroeconomics since 2022.

I am passionate about quantitative economics and open-source software. I am an avid contributor to econ-ARK, particularly its HARK toolkit for modeling the economic choices of heterogeneous agents. You can see my contributions here.

You can find my research at my Google Scholar or REPEC pages, and my public code on my GitHub profile.


Upcoming Talks

Banco de la República de Colombia.

4 March, 2024

I will join the Macro and Quantitative Studies section at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors this Fall.

14 July, 2023

I will continue as an NBER Dissertation Fellow in Behavioral Macroeconomics for AY-23/24.